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The Story So Far…

Some of the ingredients in FireHall Hot Sauce

Some of the ingredients in FireHall Hot Sauce

Finally … You can now get FireHall Hot Sauce Online. Here on our site or at . We have spent most of the winter getting the packaging right, Getting the FDA approvals, and have launched. If you have been wondering about FireHall Hot Sauce, and where to get it, please check out our interactive map, or go to Amazon.  In the coming weeks we will be adding more stores to our portfolio and getting FireHall Hot Sauce near you.  Enjoy the heat, and our flavor.

On the Road 2015

See our Blog Pages for updates, and out Interactive Map for locations.  The season for farmers markets and tourist venues is coming up, the FireHall Hot Sauce team is on the road with a trailer packed with FireHall Hot Sauce. This season we will be travelling through out the Maritime Provinces to deliver our hot sauce to our fans.  Moncton, Charlottetown, Tidnish, and Halifax should be on the lookout for the team. Follow us on Twitter @FIREHALLHOT The sales team is seeking out retail partners to make FireHall Hot Sauce avaliable to you in your neighbourhood and more locations should be popping up soon,. Watch our Locations pages for maps, locations and details on where FireHall Hot Sauce is. Check out this review from Bill Moore on BackDraft.

We ARE OnLine

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New Retailers for FireHall Hot Sauce

Gateway Meat Shop, 677 Main Street Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Bluefield Meat Shop, 73 Trans Canada Highway, Cornwall PEI D & Jo’s Country Market, Timberlea, N.S. Wine Kitz, Clayton Park, Halifax, N.S. Manasseh Local Food, Amherst, N.S. Briggs Maples, Moncton, NB Rinzler’s Meat Market, Riverview, NB